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Le Quoc Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd

pecializing in providing Chiller Water Chiller 

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- New machine 100%

- Design capacity as required

- Chiller uses imported compressor

- Reasonable price

- Free ship.

Chiller system maintenance

- Cooling Wind Chiller

- Cooling Water Chiller

Model: LCHIL xxW-L

Cooling capacity: 30000 ~ 60000 kCal/h

Water temperature To : 7 ~ 12oC

Compressor: Copeland

Compression type: Scroll

Machine power: 10 ~ 50 HP

Liên hệ với chúng tôi.

Le Quoc Water Chiller is a high-performance chiller cluster combined and assembled by Le Quoc with key equipment selected from leading companies in the chiller field such as: Compressor " the most important part in systems" cold" Copeland Scroll of Emerson brand from the US . In general refrigeration engineering, people often use almost all types of compressors with different working principles. For small chillers, the Copeland Scroll Compressor with helical rotor technology works on the principle of volumetric compression for high compression efficiency, energy saving, quiet operation, low cost, long life. …


In addition, components and accessories such as: Teco cold water pump (Taiwan), Expansion valves, check valve, copper pipe... are selected from brands from European/Japanese countries.


With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Design and Construction of Refrigeration Engineering, please leave your difficulties to us. If you are planning to build a project related to Refrigeration, please contact us.

What is your value to Le Quoc?


- The most optimal choice solution

- Professional construction techniques

- Quality of raw materials is guaranteed

- The most competitive construction cost

- Accurate capacity design calculations “reducing operating costs”

- Professional and experienced consulting team.